Onboard Clients Securely, in Minutes.

Thirdfort automates onboarding for you and your clients with secure, efficient identity and source of funds checks.

We work with award winning lawyers and conveyancers.

Complete KYC Checks in Minutes.

Thirdfort seamlessly integrates digital ID checks, facial recognition technology and PEPs and Sanctions screening.

Verify Source of Funds With Confidence.

Securely collect and analyse your client's bank statements automatically.

Give Clients a Digital Experience.

Empower your clients with a quick, informative and straightforward journey on their smartphone.

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Onboard Clients Up to 80% Faster With Our Intuitive Mobile App.

Remain Compliant & Increase Client Satisfaction.

Thirdfort is FCA regulated and integrates with cutting edge identification and Open Banking technology in an intuitive, user-centric experience for you and your clients.

How it Works

How it Works.

You initiate a check on our online portal and your client receives a text message from us with a link to download the Thirdfort app.
Our app guides your client to take a photo of their ID along with a selfie and short video. Document scanning technology assesses whether the ID is authentic and facial recognition technology matches the client to the photo on the ID.
The client can then give consent via the app for Thirdfort to securely connect to their bank and retrieve account data which can be assessed to complete a source of funds check.
You are notified once the check is completed. All results are displayed in our online portal with a downloadable PDF report.
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What the Industry is Saying.

"Thirdfort saves us a huge amount of time
undertaking ID checks and our clients (of all
ages) love using a simple, intuitive app."
Simon David
Managing Director, Thomas Legal
"By combining the cutting-edge level of AI and Open Banking built into this product we have improved client experience and begun to address the real risks that face every law firm."
David Bridge
Managing Director, BPL Solicitors
"With Thirdfort, we feel like we have a much more robust system to spotting fraud attempts which is particularly relevant given the increasing sophistication of fake documents."
Harvey Harding
Managing Director, PM Property Lawyers
"If a firm is using a
technology solution to obtain and verify
identification documents, they wouldn’t be
required to duplicate those checks
themselves by calling in originals."
Colette Best
Director of AML, Solicitors Regulation Authority
"We encourage conveyancing lawyers to consider technology driven solutions which could help protect their practices and their clients."
Stephen Ward
Director of Strategy, CLC


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