Pick the right plan for you

We offer flexible pricing to suit businesses of all sizes.

Our plans

We currently offer two pricing plans: a pay as you go option and an annual contract.

Thirdfort Starter

The easy way to get started

∙ For firms running less than 25 KYC

and AML checks per month

∙ Flexible pay as you go plan

∙ No minimums

∙ Fixed prices per check

∙ No contracts


Thirdfort Pro

Pay monthly to unlock exclusive benefits

∙ For firms running more than 25

KYC and AML checks per month

∙ Volume discounts from 10%

∙ Predictable monthly pricing

∙ 1 month trial before committing

∙ Monthly rolling credits

Thirdfort Starter

Get started with flexible, pay as you go pricing. For smaller firms carrying out less than 25 checks a month, Thirdfort Starter means you only pay for what you use with no commitment to monthly minimums.

End up using more than expected? You can switch to Thirdfort Pro to unlock discounts at any point.


Take advantage of significant discounts with Thirdfort's annual contracts for our best price guarantee. Suitable for firms running 25 or more KYC or AML checks a month, Thirdfort Pro offers predictable monthly pricing that's tiered, meaning the more you use, the less you pay per check.

Credits roll monthly so you don't need to worry about using all of your allowance. If you are using more than you thought you would, you can switch to a better package to make sure you always get the most out of Thirdfort.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long are the contracts?

With the Starter plan there is no set contract term and checks are billed monthly on a pay as you go basis. Pro plans are annual contracts that provide for a minimum spend each month and checks at discounted rates.

How does billing work?

For both Starter and Pro plans, we bill at the end of every month in arrears and only charge for checks that have been completed by your client. Each month a list of completed checks will be emailed to your billing contact together with your invoice. You can find out more about billing here.

Do you charge for checks that aren't completed?

No, we only charge for checks that are completed. We have an excellent support team on hand to help app users complete their checks so you don’t need to worry about guiding clients through their checks.

What support is available?

We have an excellent support team on hand to help you and your clients navigate Thirdfort. You can direct your clients to our support hub where they can access our knowledge base with FAQs or contact support via live chat. We can also help clients over the phone or email if preferred.

How does the Pro plan trial work?

If you are interested in the Pro plan (which is ideal for companies and firms initiating more than 25 KYC or AML checks per month), we’ll offer you a 1-month trial period on the Starter Plan where you’ll just pay for the checks you complete. This should give you an idea of the ideal volume of checks to commit to on the Pro plan.

What happens if I overspend on my Pro plan each month?

If this happens then you’ll still be able to run checks, we’ll just invoice you for the additional checks at the discounted rate agreed. Importantly, you’re not penalised.

What happens if I don't use all my monthly credits?

We permit some credits to roll over month-to-month as credit so you don’t have to worry about paying for checks you haven’t run.

What checks does Thirdfort offer?

  1. Lite ID: Instant check which provides electronic address match, PEPs and sanctions screening and flags any additional risks. This check does not require the client to complete the app.
  2. Original ID: Bank-grade ID check which includes everything in the Lite ID and asks the client to complete the app where they can verify their ID and complete liveness check.
  3. Standard ID: Government-grade check which includes everything in the Original ID check with an additional layer of security. This check verifies that the ID is government-issued, using NFC chip reading technology. It will also ask for Proof of Ownership where the check is issued for a client selling their property. This check is compliant with HM Land Registry’s Digital ID Standard which you can read more about here.
  4. Source of Funds: Verify where clients are getting their money from by asking clients to connect their bank with Open Banking or upload bank statements and complete a source of funds questionnaire.

Do your checks comply with HM Land Registry's Digital ID Standard?

Our Thirdfort Standard ID Check satisfies the requirements for the digital ID standard. You can read more about how here.

How many users can be on an account?

You can have multiple users on one Thirdfort account for no additional cost, so anyone that needs to initiate checks at your firm can do so with their own login. You can also create teams within Thirdfort where people on the same team can see checks initiated by other team members.

Can I change plans later?

If you choose the Starter plan, you can switch to Pro at any point to unlock discounted checks. If you have subscribed to the Pro plan, you can switch to Starter after your annual contract is up or commit to a higher monthly spend to unlock further discounts at any time.

How long does it take to get started with Thirdfort?

You can get started and start initiating checks as soon as your account is activated.