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How to get started



We'll text you a link to download our free app. Don't own a smartphone or tablet? You could ask a trusted friend or family member.


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Next, log into our app using your mobile number and fill in a few details to get started. All your data is encrypted and we won't access, use or share it with anyone without your permission.


Complete your tasks

The organisation that setup your check will have set you some simple tasks to complete so that they can gather the information they need to verify your identity. See below for more details.

  • James B

    Easy and fresh way to validate my identity. Much better than scanning/providing paper copies of documents. I wish all verification checks could use a service like this.

  • Gemma B

    I found this app an absolute dream to use. Very quick and efficient - job done!

  • Samantha P

    So, so simple. I'm really impressed with how my passport was checked so efficiently and saved me having to worry about posting it.

  • Deborah B

    We’re both in our sixties and were a bit apprehensive, but to be honest it was easy to understand and well set out - just follow the instructions. A good experience.

  • Daniel W

    Really appreciated the ease of use on this app. So much easier than having to upload things after taking photos or emailing attachments. Had no issues at all with the tasks, quick few minutes and done. What a pleasure!

What types of tasks to expect

Tasks range from uploading photos of ID documents to proving where your funds are coming from. All of these are done securely through our app.

We’ll ask you to upload a photo of your ID document and take a quick scan of your face so we can check that it’s really you.

You’ll be asked to enter your current residential address and you might be asked to upload a proof of address. This could be a bank statement, utility or council tax bill dated in the last three months. 

This is a quick questionnaire which will help us to understand where the funds for your transaction are coming from. Watch a short video over on our help centre to find out why this is important and what's involved.

Securely share read only bank statements with the organisation that has requested them to prove that you have the funds needed for your transaction.

Supply two documents to prove that you own the property that you’re selling.

Open banking: What you need to know

As part of your check, your provider may ask you to provide bank statements. By law, when dealing with large amounts of money, businesses need to understand where that money comes from.This helps stop financial crime and fraud, like money laundering. Open banking is a secure and transparent way for you to instantly share your recent financial history and other selected data with trusted third-party providers like Thirdfort.

Why trust us?

We understand that being asked to download a new app and enter your details might feel daunting. But you’re in good hands with Thirdfort. We are fully GDPR compliant and have both an ISO Certification and a Digital Identity and Attributes Trust Framework Certification. You can learn more here.