Source of funds

Simple and secure Source of Funds verification

Create a full picture of your clients’ Source of Funds without all the back and forth. Using Government-backed Open Banking, we facilitate instant and secure access to bank statements, and our Source of Funds questionnaire provides extra context. 


Clear, accessible reports that reveal what you need to know in moments.


No more waiting for paper statements. Get access to your client’s digital bank statements instantly.


Eliminate the risk of statement tampering or interception through email or post.

How it works

Step 1

Choose Source of Funds verification through our portal or partner platform.

Step 2

Your client will receive an SMS with instructions to download our app.

Step 3

Next, they’ll securely connect their bank account and complete a questionnaire in our app.

Step 4

Once they’re finished, you'll receive a report highlighting the information you need.

[The] Source of Funds report and Open Banking helps to quickly gather and interpret information about our clients and to spot anything suspicious or requiring more attention.

JCP Solicitors

If the app was not as smooth and as slick as it is, a fake bank statement may have slipped through the net.

Thomas Flavell & Sons Solicitors

Fast and secure with Open Banking

  • Clients can easily provide their bank statements across multiple accounts. 

  • You can rest easy knowing financial records are genuine. 

  • High risk transactions are automatically flagged for your attention. 

  • You’ll only receive the statements you need - and in an easy-to-digest format.

Complete the picture with our Source of Funds questionnaire

  • Clients provide additional information about their funds through our app. 

  • Our giftor Source of Funds questionnaire quickly verifies monetary gifts.

Request more proof as you need it

  • Clients can be asked to upload additional documents through our app.

  • All of your sensitive client information is shared securely.

Reduce client onboarding from days to hours

Our team is ready to walk you through our Source of Funds verification. Find out how it works when you book a demo.