Life at Thirdfort: Lunch & Learns

Published November 24, 2021

At Thirdfort, we have a strong focus on learning & development as we're building a team who love to develop and challenge their skillsets. This doesn't always have to be role-focused, but we're keen to allow Thirdforters to curate their own learning plans in areas that interest them the most. To help with this, we run bi-weekly Lunch & Learns.

Lunch & Learns provide an opportunity for our team to come together in a fun & collaborative environment. We run them every other Tuesday and the activities vary from week to week. Occasionally, we have external speakers hosting them. For example, recently we had a workshop on the 'Power of Positive Thinking', and one on 'Speedy Stress Relief'. Both these sessions were held by external organisations, extremely interactive and got the Thirdfort team off their seats and away from staring at their computer all day! Research has shown that we often spend 75% of our day sitting down, so we try to encourage people to move around as much as possible. Lunch & Learns can provide a perfect opportunity to do just that!

More often than not though, we have our own team mates hosting these sessions. Other recent sessions have included 'Knitting', 'Career Insights' and 'Understanding Crypto Currency'. Not only are these sessions really informative, but they provide a nice environment for team members to develop their confidence in presenting and public speaking. Talking in front of fellow team mates during a Lunch & Learn can be a lot less intimidating than speaking in front of clients at a meeting!

Lunch & Learns have provided a great space for us to help foster connections at Thirdfort. This past year, companies across the globe have seen a change to more hybrid and flexible working models, and this has meant every Thirdforter can join Lunch & Learns, no matter where they are! As we're split across three different offices (London, Manchester & Sri Lanka), Lunch & Learns allow us to find out about all of our locations. We recently held a session on an insight into Sri Lanka, which went into great detail about typical Sri Lankan Culture, Food, Sports & History and left the whole team wanting to get on the next flight!

When planning our Lunch & Learns, we try to get the whole team involved, and make sure to request for ideas from the whole team! We already have an exciting line up for 2022, with one on Public Speaking techniques and one around International Women's Day.

What our team say about Lunch & Learns:

Partnerships Manager

"Lunch & Learns are demonstrative of how Thirdfort is a people first company. They are a fantastic way to bring the company together on a regular basis to learn, discuss and understand topics that aren't always related to everyones day to day job. This includes understanding more about our colleagues, ways to combat stress and anxiety and insights in inclusion & diversity."

Customer Enablement Manager

"Our Lunch & Learns are one of many activities that Thirdfort organises to bring colleagues closer together whilst ensuring we are constantly thinking about our mental and physical health amongst many other things."


"I really enjoy our Lunch & Learn sessions and particularly love the broad and refreshing range of topics covered. Sessions like 'Inside Estate Agents' provided interesting industry insights, whereas sessions like 'Positive Thinking' really prompted us to actively reflect on how we manage negative thoughts (which people probably don’t do enough). It feels great to have an informative and stimulating lunch once in a while (instead of mindlessly scrolling down content on our phones)."

Senior Product Manager

"The Lunch & Learns at Thirdfort are a fantastic way for our teams to connect and learn something new. The wide range of topics are always super engaging but most of all it helps us learn something new about our colleagues."

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