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The team at Right Choice Conveyancing have helped thousands of people move homes since 2009. Over a century of combined experience and an impressive forward-thinking approach has allowed them to thrive in an industry known for its unpredictability. We spoke to Alison Kettley, Director of Compliance and Training about how technology including the new InTouch and Thirdfort integration have helped her to design and deliver exceptional client and employee experiences.

Take a quick read of any online post about anti-money laundering legislation and you’ll quickly notice a trend, and typically a few swear words. As these comments sections on these articles, or any conveyancer will tell you; the trend of increasing regulations and sophistication of fraudsters is an ongoing headache. The idea that increased compliance burden causes friction in the property industry is not a revolutionary concept. What is understated however, is how the relentless expansion of regulations is changing the face of conveyancing and what businesses can do to thrive in this increasingly hostile environment. 

Alison’s proactive and thoughtful approach to compliance and service design is a blueprint for compliance professionals looking to deliver positive experiences for their clients and their teams. She provides great insight into what it means to innovate and optimise workflows within a highly scrutinised and regulated industry. 

“What’s happening, and particularly for those of us who have been involved in conveyancing for a long time, is growing frustration at the increase in red tape which takes us away from what we are meant to be providing our clients, which is a conveyancing service. My role is to ensure we remain compliant as a business, but it is also to set our team up to provide outstanding service.” 

Alison Kettley, Director of Compliance

No good compliance protocol was built in a day, and at Right Choice, the strategy to succeed is to incrementally improve existing processes while driving skill growth within their teams. This dynamic approach gives the firm the capability to move with the conditions of the market and increase their team’s likelihood of success.

“What conveyancers are now being asked to do is far beyond the original skill set required for the role. It’s not only AML processes that increase complexity, other regulations (like stamp duty or building safety), relentless demand for updates from all interested parties combined with volatile market conditions mean constant additions to our workload. It’s not just one challenge, it’s several challenges happening at once and the way we design processes has to make it as easy as possible for our team to navigate those challenges”

Alison Kettley, Director of Compliance

One of the challenges constantly faced by conveyancing teams is determining where to implement technology and which tasks to let machines handle. It’s notoriously tough to strike the right balance between human and machine. When looking for areas to innovate and bring in technology, Alison takes a holistic approach, viewing technology as an enhancement, not a replacement for the talent of the Right Choice team.

“We wanted to keep a personal touch, it can never just all be automated, these are real people making huge financial, lifelong decisions, so we are not only relying on traditional methods, we are utilising technology and augmenting our team’s skills with it.”

Alison Kettley, Director of Compliance

Right Choice’s culture of innovation means the compliance team are constantly looking for opportunities to develop. Alison recognised Right Choice’s already successful AML, onboarding, and verification procedures could be built upon, and began looking into ways to improve these procedures. Alison pinpointed the essential characteristics necessary within these processes, identifying compliance, commercials and client and employee experience as key. These traits served as guiding principles in her assessment of the solutions available.

“Obviously, you want everything to be as efficient as possible for the team, but you have to make sure you’re compliant. You've got to keep clients’ data safe, but there is also the human element, you want to make it reassuring and easy for the clients and our team. A lot of our investigations when we were looking at different case management systems and verification tools was focussed on finding something where everyone was protected, but also having a stress-free experience.

Alison Kettley, Director of Compliance

Alison’s approach to process design has led to a variety of successful initiatives including the implementation of InTouch, a market leading case management software (CMS), integrated with client verification solution Thirdfort. Since its implementation, the integration has saved the Right Choice team time, reduced risk and improved client experience.

“It’s the combination of the time saving element, plus the added benefit of good client experience that really made the right choice for us. The InTouch & Thirdfort integration goes a step further than other solutions, everything is quicker, the information is already there in the platform. You haven't got the cost or the risk that occurs with manual processes. Wherever we can cut out unnecessary admin, we're keen to do that because you know, every bit of time that you save means clients are having a more enjoyable interaction with us, our team enjoys their work more and we generate more profit."

Alison Kettley, Director of Compliance

For the Right Choice team, the journey doesn't stop here. A dedication to innovation means Alison and her team will persist in leveraging technology to enhance their processes and elevate conveyancing standards.

“In this industry, uncertainty is the only certainty, it’s important to us to keep adapting and moving with the market so we can continue our success. A huge part of our strategy lies in the implementation of technology and we are excited to keep developing our processes to serve our clients better.”

Alison Kettley, Director of Compliance

About InTouch & Thirdfort

Like Thirdfort, InTouch was born after their founders experienced the drawbacks of ineffective conveyancing processes during their first time buying and selling property. This foundation has generated a shared vision, to build solutions that improve the security and well-being of all parties involved in property transactions. The Thirdfort and InTouch integration provide conveyancing teams with seamless and secure workflows. 

Interested in how an integrated CMS and verification solution can help you level up your conveyancing processes? Contact us now to learn more.

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