How DeskLodge cut onboarding time to two minutes while keeping customers happy

DeskLodge is a chain of award-winning flexible co-working spaces that offers private offices, hot-desking services and meeting rooms to SMEs and freelancers. DeskLodge’s method for verifying new customers looking to rent space relied on in-person visits with physical documents. This was cumbersome for all involved, tying up staff in admin tasks and slowing business.

DeskLodge significantly cut their customer onboarding times with Thirdfort.

  • With Thirdfort, customers can now be verified in minutes.

  • Onboarding can be completed remotely, saving DeskLodge and their clients valuable time.

  • Customers can upload their ID documents directly in the Thirdfort app so DeskLodge no longer have to risk handling sensitive records themselves.

Before using Thirdfort, DeskLodge onboarded all of its new customers in person. Across three sites, this was taking up valuable time, and inconveniencing both customers and employees.

In addition, DeskLodge then had to store copies of client documents and records themselves, which carried some degree of risk should they fall foul of GDPR obligations. With this in mind, it was clear that DeskLodge needed a solution that would take this administrative burden off their hands. 

Thirdfort cut admin time while keeping client documents secure

Desklodge founder Tom Ball was sent some paperwork to complete. As part of that process, he was asked to use Thirdfort to complete a verification check. Having seen how quick and seamless the process was for himself, he knew he’d found a solution for his business.

The Thirdfort app allows customers to quickly and securely upload their required documents — meaning DeskLodge employees can simply set up a check, then wait for the results. The app is intuitive and easy to use, meaning DeskLodge can offer their customers a first touch point worthy of their name.

With Thirdfort’s dedicated Support Team on hand to help customers through the process, time-consuming admin is a thing of the past. DeskLodge now hands this over to Thirdfort and lets their team get back to what they do best.

Thirdfort has improved our efficiency and speed to complete checks. It files and stores the records for us securely which saves us from keeping separate records and files. It’s a great tool to ensure our processes remain tight and speedy, and that we cover all bases that we’re required to.


DeskLodge’s members — and employees — get their time back

Now the DeskLodge team is using Thirdfort to onboard clients over all three of their sites, they’ve made significant time savings. What used to take anything from days to weeks can now be completed in a matter of minutes. 

DeskLodge no longer has to take care of the admin burden of onboarding customers themselves. Thirdfort prompts customers to upload the necessary documents and information, sending over a report once their verification is completed. 

From an admin point of view, to set up and start a check can literally take 2 minutes as long as you have the right information to hand. Entering the details and initiating the check couldn’t be more streamlined. So that hassle free workflow is great.


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