Thirdfort partners with ALB - one of the largest case management platforms in the UK


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The partnership with Advanced aims to tackle surging fraud and money laundering risks for lawyers. The Integration will offer more than 700 law firms seamless access to Thirdfort’s one-stop platform for KYC and AML.

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Thirdfort has partnered with Advanced’s practice and case management system, ALB. The integration of Thirdfort’s one-stop solution for comprehensive AML into ALB will help lawyers address growing fraud and money laundering risks. 

The partnership will offer more than 700 law firms seamless access to Thirdfort, cementing its position as the UK’s leading KYC, AML and SoF platform for lawyers. 

ALB is one of the largest practice and case management systems in the UK. The seamless integration enables Advanced’s clients to conduct Thirdfort’s Know Your Client (KYC), Anti Money Laundering (AML) and Source-of-Funds (SoF) checks all within the ALB platform. By removing the need to use additional pieces of software, ALB’s customers save both time and money and mitigate risk. 

Integration partnerships are incredibly important to us at Thirdfort and integrating with ALB, one of the largest practice and case management systems in the UK, is a major endorsement of our platform. This creates a one-stop shop enabling Advanced’s clients to meet their compliance requirements within one platform saving them both time and money. By integrating with innovative products like ALB we can enhance the value of both platforms, demonstrate our commitment to integration, and ensure we are helping lawyers with a seamless and frictionless service.” 

Teddy Ludmer, Head of Partnerships at Thirdfort

Thirdfort is the only platform to combine best-in-class digital ID, AML and SoF verification alongside Open Banking and transaction-specific data. It rapidly informs regulated professionals of risks with onboarding individuals and corporates, enabling them to begin transacting with new clients more quickly. Thirdfort is currently used by more than 950 regulated professional services firms, including conveyancers, full service law firms and estate agents, among others.

ALB is a fully integrated practice and case management system that gives lawyers total control of critical work. It integrates all aspects of a firm into one comprehensive legal software platform that manages financial, client, matter, and document processes. It enables lawyers to create greater efficiency, and improve compliance, through the simple and flexible customisation of business workflows.

Advanced is committed to helping our clients create greater efficiencies and improve compliance through one case management system. It makes perfect sense to integrate Thirdfort’s leading one-stop solution for comprehensive AML into our platform, and offer a seamless experience for our customers to conduct their KYC, AML and Source of Funds verification.”

Doug Hargrove, Managing Director for Legal at Advanced

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