ID verification made easy for accountants and bookkeepers as Thirdfort partners with GoProposal by Sage


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Thirdfort, the risk management platform, has partnered with GoProposal by Sage. More than 2,000 accountants and bookkeepers use GoProposal to help them grow profitably. 

Our ID verification and AML tools will now be available to accountants and bookkeepers who use GoProposal. This partnership will help professionals in the accounting industry to meet the AML guidance set out by CCAB.

Thirdfort's AML Tools

Thirdfort's ID verification tools are designed to streamline the client onboarding process and make it more secure. Using the Thirdfort app, clients can quickly and easily verify their identity by taking a picture of their ID document and a selfie. The app then uses facial recognition technology to verify that the person in the selfie matches the photo on the ID document.

This process not only ensures that clients are who they say they are but also electronically verifies the client’s address, as well as screening them for PEPs and sanctions matches.

Our mission is to protect society from fraud and money laundering. Accountants are at the front line of this. By partnering with GoProposal we’re able to give a toolkit to protect their clients, but in a way that takes hours rather than weeks.”

Maddie Wood, Partner Development Manager, Thirdfort

What the partnership means for accountants and bookkeepers

The integration of Thirdfort's ID verification and AML tools with GoProposal provides a range of benefits for accountants and bookkeepers. By using these tools, professionals in the accounting industry can:

  • Meet the AML guidance set out by CCAB

  • Streamline the client onboarding process

  • Increase security and prevent fraud and money laundering

  • Save time and reduce costs

This partnership enhances our commitment to help protect our customers. As a trusted partner for GoProposal by Sage, Thirdfort empowers our customers to safeguard their data and thrive confidently, free from ID fraud worries.”

Danielle Fisher, Product Manager, GoProposal by Sage

Thirdfort's partnership with GoProposal provides an integrated toolkit for accountants and bookkeepers who want to meet their AML obligations and ensure that their clients' data is secure. By using Thirdfort's ID verification and AML tools, professionals in the accounting industry can streamline their processes, increase security, and save time and money.

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