Mastering AML Compliance: Q&A for Estate Agents

Whether you're looking to refine your current processes or gain clarity on regulatory expectations, this webinar with AML specialist, Harriet Holmes, will help to enhance your understanding of how to ensure your AML processes stay compliant and are built for efficiency.

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About this webinar

AML expert, Harriet Holmes answers common questions on AML such as:

  • Is my current AML process compliant?

  • How do I verify the address of an overseas client?

  • What are they key things HMRC would look for as part of an audit process?

  • What should I do if someone has been identified as a Politically Exposed Person (PEP)?

  • What does HMRC expect regulated property businesses to collect as proof of funds and how far back should I go?

The panel

Harriet Holmes

Senior Manager, AML Solutions

Harriet leverages a decade of compliance expertise to spearhead Thirdfort's in-house AML and anti-fraud efforts. Her varied background in law firms, both local and global, fuels her commitment to enhancing AML practices. Her contributions ensure Thirdfort's digital AML solution is secure and seamless, trusted by over 1000 legal firms and regulated businesses. Harriet's passion lies in fostering a safer legal landscape and empowering businesses and clients to operate confidently.