AML for
estate agents and property firms

Not all AML checks are created equal. Whether it's a simple ID check or full AML verification, Thirdfort uses state of the art technology and live data for legal-grade compliance checks.

Thirdfort. AML done right.

Digital ID verification recognised by HMRC

What used to be a tickbox is now a big deal. With HMRC's regulation of agents in relation to anti-money laundering increasing, using Thirdfort means you can negotiate in confidence, secure in the knowledge you are fully compliant with minimal costs.

Keep your business moving fast, securely

Complete all your checks in one place. Thirdfort combines digital ID verification with PEPs and Sanctions, Ongoing Monitoring and Company Checks so you can verify individual and corporate clients, fast.

How it works

We've verified over 500,000 individuals and counting...

Transform the way you work

  • Let us tick all the boxes

    Clients do the checks straight from their phone and we’ll chase them for you, so you can focus on closing more deals.

  • Fully HMRC compliant AML checks

    Hand the headaches to us. Thirdfort meets the criteria set out in HMRC's guidance for money laundering supervision, so you can rest assured you are meeting your compliance obligations.

  • Verify clients wherever they are

    Whether they’re international buyers or UK nationals, as long as they’ve got the required documentation, we’ll ensure they are who they say they are.

Bring legal-grade ID and AML verification to your business

Our team is ready to walk you through Thirdfort’s range of ID and AML checks, and let you into the secret of how our clients are cutting average onboarding times from five days to 24 hours.