Company Checks

Identify beneficial owners in minutes

Company Checks keeps things moving with fast and reliable beneficial owner results.


Find beneficial owners in minutes.


Data is taken directly from the relevant jurisdiction’s register.


You can run checks on businesses across the world.

How it works

Step 1

Choose a Company Check via our portal.

Step 2

We’ll look at sanctions databases and establish beneficial owners.

Step 3

You’ll receive your completed report back in minutes.

Step 4

Then, you can run follow-up ID verification on the beneficial owners.

Thirdfort has definitely streamlined the amount of back-and-forth involved with overseas clients.


Thirdfort has hugely improved our efficiency in verifying the vast majority of clients and made complying with regulations simple and secure. Everything we need is now in one report.


Stay in the know

Live information

Ongoing monitoring

Source of wealth

Complete your due diligence on businesses

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