Making life easier for you and your clients

We use the latest technology to automate ID and anti-money laundering checks. Reduce your risk of fraud, cut costs and free up time for the more important stuff.

Safer, faster ID & AML checks

Clients complete checks straight from their phone, wherever they are. There’s no waiting around – most checks take just 3 minutes.

Our dedicated support team are here to help with any client questions, so you can get back to what matters most.

Risk of fraud is dramatically reduced with Thirdfort

Open Banking

We verify your client’s source of funds in seconds, protecting you from reputational and regulatory risk.

Encryption Like the Big Banks

We use the same security measures as all the big banks to encrypt your client data.

Regulated by
the FCA

We follow industry rules and
regulations, so you know you’re in safe hands.

Government-grade technology

Thirdfort Standard uses Near-Field Communication chip scanning technology, the same used by the UK Home Office and the NHS.

Onboard new clients in minutes

No one wants to spend hours on legal admin. Delight your clients by dealing with identity and AML checks remotely, in minutes. Simply send them a link, which they can use to download our user friendly app and complete their ID and AML checks straight away.