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Is Conveyancing Finally Going Digital? Take the survey

Digitising the conveyancing process has been talked about for years. It could fundamentally change the relationship between lawyers and their clients and how homes are bought and sold in the UK. Progress has been slow to date, but in the last six months, Covid-19 has accelerated the industry's need for, and openness to, remote, user-friendly digital solutions. Even the Land Registry has recently acknowledged the need to bring conveyancing into the 21st Century by removing the last strict requirement to print and sign a paper document in a property transaction and flagging a new digital standard for identity checks.

Has Covid pushed conveyancing towards the edge of a digital revolution? What are the solutions driving this change? Is this uptake of technology here to stay? And if it is, what is the next critical advancement on the road to digitising the conveyancing process? Thirdfort is calling the conveyancing sector to participate in a survey to understand the answers to these questions and more.

The results will be compiled in an industry report and discussed in a dedicated webinar featuring industry experts. Share your valuable insights to gain exclusive early access to the industry report.

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